Public safety and security

Bhopal’s multipurpose smart poles to save energy and monitor air quality

Mon, 2017-07-31 22:49 -- SCC India Staff

Bhopal, a vibrant economic centre of Madhya Pradesh, has launched many innovative smart solutions. The city recently has launched its first innovative public private partnership (PPP)-based smart poles and intelligent streetlights project under the Smart Cities Mission. The project is innovatively structured in such a manner that it delivers bundled smart services to citizens and gives maximum values for money to the city authority.

Detect air pollution with low cost nano-sensors

Wed, 2017-07-19 02:18 -- SCC India Staff

A team of scientists from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) has developed a highly sensitive low-cost nanosensor to detect carbon monoxide levels, a step forward in environmental pollution monitoring. These nanosensors can be even synced with a smartphone or a small device at every traffic signal, which can transmit the data through Bluetooth.