Partner spotlight: IBM, Cisco, ABB, Oracle, Saudi Telecom, CH2M HILL

Wed, 2015-04-08 06:00 -- SCC Staff

Good reads department: IBM on Johannesburg as a model of urban renewal… Cisco and ABB team on smart home platform… Oracle cloud will help streamline medical trials … Incoming Saudi Telecom boss highlights operators' key role in IoT … CH2M HILL will help USAID improve water programming in developing countries. Click for the details.

Smart city connectivity: Is there a place for satellite tech on the menu?

Wed, 2015-03-11 06:00 -- Doug Peeples

A high level of connectivity is essential in smart cities – and the satellite industry seems to increasingly aware of that. An industry insider suggests satellite technology should be high on the list for smart city planners and developers. Get the details.

FPL's smart street lighting program becoming one of the world's largest

Fri, 2015-03-06 06:00 -- SCC Staff

Florida Power & Light has been so pleased with its smart street lighting initiative with Silver Spring Networks that just one year into the effort, it has announced plans to expand it nearly six-fold. Learn why and see what more the utility (and citizens) stand to gain.

Cities and utilities: Now you can get smart energy gear with built-in communications

Fri, 2015-02-06 06:00 -- Jesse Berst

In the early days of the smart grid, cities and utilities that bought smart devices often had to roll out their own communications network. And that meant many months and many millions of dollars. Thanks to companies like GE, that's changing. Get the details.

B&V utility survey: infrastructure upgrades yes, data analytics maybe not

Fri, 2015-02-06 06:00 -- Doug Cooley

Black & Veatch just released an extensive survey of utilities and found, among other things, that the majority are focused on upgrading their communications infrastructure in the next five years. There was less excitement, however, about moving forward with data analytics. Get the report rundown, and download link, at the site.

New York City loses pay phones (but gains so much more)

Fri, 2015-01-23 06:00 -- Kevin Ebi

New York’s pay phones are vanishing, but nobody will miss them. The replacements that Qualcomm is helping develop will provide everything from free phone calls to gigabit Internet. Learn how the whole project is not only free to taxpayers, but will generate hundreds of millions in city revenue.