Is your city doing enough to protect against cyberattacks? (Survey says probably not)

Thu, 2016-11-03 15:49 -- Doug Peeples

Cities are buzzing with excitement about what they can accomplish with their smart city projects and the technologies that enable them. But by overlooking or failing to take action on security vulnerabilities, IT professionals warn the benefits from those technologies could be short-lived.

How Maharashtra plans to become India's first digitally connected state

Thu, 2016-10-13 13:54 -- Doug Peeples

India's state of Maharashtra has taken the country's digital and manufacturing initiatives to heart in a big way. And to help the realize its ambitious vision, Cisco will deliver a new manufacturing hub, a smart city, education and training programs and more.

How do you build a solid communications network (and build value on top of it)?

Wed, 2016-09-28 17:00 -- Doug Peeples

A city can’t be smart without a resilient, strong communications network to tie it together. But how does a city go about deciding the right path to success? Read the story to get advice on the topic from some of the experts speaking at Smart Cities Week.