City Transforms Economic Sustainability with Public Cloud

This information provided by Smart Cities Council Global.
Wed, 2013-07-17 18:22 -- Jesse Berst

The motto of the Smart Cities Council is "Livability, Workability, Sustainability." That middle piece -- workability, aka global competitiveness, aka economic development -- may be the most powerful driver of all as the world emerges from a tough recession. That's why it's great to see examples like this one from Cisco where installation of public broadband is creating measurable economic benefits. And there's another reason to study this case history -- it includes brownfield retrofits, not just start-from-scratch installations. -- Jesse Berst

With an economy based on heavy industry, South Korea's second largest city of Busan confronts challenges similar to those of other large, industrial cities. A primary challenge for Busan is creating job opportunities for its 60,000 annual university graduates and retaining a high-quality workforce. City leaders facing similar issues will be interested in Busan's decision to deploy Cisco's Smart+Connected Communities solution and public cloud infrastructure to stimulate job creation and business growth as detailed in this case study.

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