Las Vegas, NV Readiness Workshop

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Smart Cities Council partners – join 2018 Readiness Challenge Winner Las Vegas, NV for its invitation-only Readiness™ Workshop to accelerate its journey to become a fully connected, safer and more citizen-centric city. 

As one of fastest growing cities in the U.S., Las Vegas is committed to being a fully connected smart city by 2025 - one that is safe, sustainable, efficient and engaging. Its Smart Cities Readiness Workshop will focus on applying smart technologies to advance three key areas:

  • Public Safety: providing forced multiplier technologies to emergency responders and expanding the reach of public safety resources
  • Transportation: enhancing mobility, reducing congestion, improving resident safety and reducing carbon footprint
  • Civic Engagement: sharing data to empower and engage the public to address common concerns

Council partners will have several opportunities to participate and engage with key city stakeholders. Opportunities include presenting case studies to demonstrate viable solutions to address the city’s goals, as well as serving as subject matter experts in working groups that are intended to help build an action-oriented roadmap for success.

Planning Stages
Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Las Vegas , NV
United States
Nevada US
Participation Type: 
Solution Showcase
City Associations (where cities congregate)
City influencers (politicians, professionals, NGOs)
City Operational Staff (Heads of Departments)
City Political Leaders (Elected Leaders)
City Senior Staff (Senior Prof Staff)
Readiness Workshop
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