As the new hallmark for a more sustainable future, smart communities start with a smart grid. They are the heartbeat that powers the community’s critical infrastructure and the foundation for enabling power, water, transportation, public safety, and other services to function in harmonious, mutually supportive concert.  And when it comes to smart grid, Elster provides the solutions needed to vitalize our communities by bringing smart meter data to the people and processes that depend on it. 

With smart grid and AMI solutions, plus street and area lighting, Elster is a one-stop shop for smart community solutions and is helping public power utilities everywhere unlock the value of their meter data.

In an Elster-enabled smart community, power demand and consumption are automatically controlled to reduce peak demand. Smart sensors monitor and control streetlights based on brightness and time.  Municipal broadband communications platforms underpin smart grid operations – and also provide the community with free Wi-Fi. Utilities proactively notify customers about leaks before they become a problem.

When communities are smart, energy intersects with traffic control, electric vehicles, solar power, security systems – the list has no limits. The result? Happier customers, improved system reliability, enhanced operational efficiency and better environmental sustainability.

This is the smart community future. And it’s enabled by Elster – today.

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Jan 1 2015