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Alphinat is a software editor of SmartGuide® the leading “one stop” web, mobile and cloud solution development platform that enable cities to easily create, deploy and manage intelligent personalized web applications. With our partners we are looking to give client cities constituents a simpler user experience that can, guide them to an optimal experience in a mobile or traditional browser-based environment. SmartGuide provides organizations and other software editors with the agility to quickly deliver efficient online services to their stakeholders unleashing the full value of existing IT assets.  

An Alphinat partner is delivering intelligent e-services for municipalities in the Netherlands in SaaS and on-premises modes incorporating SmartGuide® into their suite giving municipal clients the ability to quickly deploy intelligent online services. Citizens no longer need to fill in data already known to the government. Furthermore, these online services are accessible on smartphone or tablets.  

SmartGuide allows municipalities to deliver e-services with personalized, real time data exchange. With these intelligent e-services, municipalities greatly enhance the quality of their online service delivery and increase citizen satisfaction. The e-services offered automatically determine whether a citizen is entitled to a particular service such as a tax refund or a parking permit. These complex real-time validations delivered by the digital service bureau result in tremendous time savings for citizens and the community. Alphinat technology can benefit city of all sizes by helping them modernize, automate and render cost-effective a many business processes at a fraction of the cost associated with conventional customized solutions.

Alphinat is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, with offices in Paris, New York and Zurich. For more information, visit

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