Innovation Partners


Alphinat is a software editor of SmartGuide® the leading “one stop” web, mobile and cloud solution development platform that enable cities to easily create, deploy and manage intelligent personalized web applications. 


Sensoneo is a global enterprise-grade smart waste management solution provider that enables cities and businesses to manage their waste cost-efficiently, be more environmentally responsible and improve the well-being of people.


CivicConnect helps cities provide citizens, visitors and workers the tools they need to more easily explore and navigate their cities.


StratIS, named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Best Companies in
America” builds smart apartments and smart buildings for smart
cities. As the only system of its kind built for the complexities of
multifamily and campus communities, StratIS leads the global movement
for smart cities in the commercial residential sector. 


 ETS is an energy technology, behavioral management, and smart building provider. Integration of their products and services in large multi-family a mixed-use property materially reduces energy expenditures, enables WIFI connectivity, improves building operations and increased Net-Operating Income and Net Asset Value.