WeGO Chooses Smart Cities Activator

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Sun, 2019-08-11 09:25 -- Philip Bane

Signing Ceremony at WeGO Resiliency Workhshop 

WeGO Partners with Smart Cities Council

WeGO selects Smart Cities Activator to manage city engagement

Seoul, Korea. August 7, 2019. World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO) and Smart Cities Council (Council) have partnered to improve their mutual engagement with cities globally. WeGO as a globally prominent association of over 140 city and other local government members has chosen the Council’s Smart Cities Activator to digitally engage with their many city members in many languages. Activator Discover provides WeGO with the ability to discover facts about projects and needs for its member cities and through Activator Plan also offers all its cities an online collaborative engagement platform to plan smart city projects.

WeGO’s Secretary General Kyong-yul Lee said, “WeGO seeks to improve the quality of its digital engagement with its member cities while expanding its global footprint. The Smart Cities Council and its Smart Cities Activator was a natural extension of our strategic vision for developing ‘Smart Sustainable Cities for All’.”

Smart Cities Council’s CEO Philip Bane pointed out that “WeGO is a strong organization that delivers recognition, funding for feasibility studies and pilot projects, and capacity building workshops to its member cities. Its vision and goal of growing its services and expanding into more geographic regions was a strong motivation for the Council to partner with WeGO.”

The partnership, while using Smart Cities Activator as the foundation, is also based on working together to advance smart city projects by sharing with cities best practices for project development, feasibility, and project financing. WeGO and the Council have a joint vision to accelerate cities’ use of information technology to make WeGO member cities more livable, workable, and sustainable. The partners will work together in conducting research, producing workshops, and maximizing city information about city projects in planning for purposes of sharing best practices.

About WeGO

The World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO), established by 50 founding members in 2010, is an international association of city and other local governments, smart tech solution providers, and national and regional institutions committed to the transformation of cities into smart sustainable cities. WeGO’s Secretariat is based in Seoul, Korea, and is supported by regional offices in East Asia (Chengdu, China), Eurasia (Ulyanovsk Region, Russia), the Mediterranean (Beyoğlu, Turkey), and Latin America (Mexico City, Mexico). WeGO has more than 175 members around the world and serves as their international platform to improve the quality of life, innovate in the delivery of public services, and strengthen regional competitiveness. Read more about WeGO’s activities at we-gov.org.


About Smart Cities Council

The Smart Cities Council was founded upon the belief that we cannot heal our planet unless we heal our cities. For the sake of current and future generations, cities must achieve the triple bottom line of people, profits, and planet. To heal our cities, we must take advantage of smart technologies, but at the same time, smart technology is not sufficient – we also need leadership, design, money, and more. The Smart Cities Council seeks to accelerate this transformation to livable, workable and sustainable cities. The Council launched Smart Cities Activator, its online collaborative platform for cities to accelerate capacity development, stakeholder engagement and planning of projects. To learn more, please visit smartcitiescouncil.com.