Readiness Challenge Winner: Montgomery, AL

This information provided by Smart Cities Council Global.
Thu, 2019-06-27 08:13 -- SCC Staff

One of our Readiness Challenge Winners was Montgomery, AL. You can find information about their upcoming Readiness Workshop here (See Opportunity Calendar). The workshop will be held August 20, 2019.

For the past several years, Montgomery has been working to advance its smart cities vision through strategic partnerships, building relationships with the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce, Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base, Alabama Power Company and others. It’s using A.I. technology to proactively assess road conditions, replacing a time-consuming, labor-intensive process, and partnering with schools, community centers and others to extend Wi-Fi access to all students.

The city’s priority areas are Digital City Services, Economic Development and Education and Workforce Development. These will serve as the focus areas during the Readiness Workshop with the goal being consensus building and the development of action step