Orlando's building a strategy for a smart, connected future

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Thu, 2017-02-09 15:36 -- Doug Peeples

The city of Orlando has accomplished a lot in terms of enhancing livability and sustainability with a variety of energy, transportation and other beneficial projects as it continues to develop its smart city program. And it has several more projects in the works, some of which are outlined in our story. What may be the most important of those is the city's commitment to developing a comprehensive smart city plan. Why is it so important? Because the plan will help guide and coordinate all aspects of how the city operates and provides services – and consolidate individual city department plans into one that will ensure consistency in its smart city efforts.  — Doug Peeples

One of Orlando's goals is a very ambitious one: develop a truly comprehensive smart city plan in a year's time.

What city officials envision is a plan that promotes coordination and collaboration among city departments, amendments to its existing city comprehensive plan and land development codes and inclusion of a diverse group of stakeholders, from neighborhood associations and nearby local governments to business, social service and advocacy groups.

It also is expected to provide a coordinated approach to how the city integrates smart city technologies and expertise from outside sources. For Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, the plan represents a way for the city to continuously improve the lives of its residents and visitors. "Through access to international industry experts, new data and communications technologies, the challenge will continue to ensure Orlando is a more intelligent, interconnected and efficient city," he said.

Showcase projects
As part of its efforts to ensure future success, competitiveness and continued improvements for residents and visitors, the city wants to zero in on smart transportation projects that improve traffic flow and safety, parking access, guidance to available parking for motorists, more convenient parking and toll road payment systems.

The city also plans to implement a city-wide building automation system to monitor and control mechanical and electrical systems such as HVAC and lighting, which should reduce maintenance costs and energy waste. Also, several city buildings will be renovated for improved energy efficiency. The results of those upgrades will be monitored through an online building analytics dashboard.

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