Meet our 2018 Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge winners: Page 5 of 6

Thu, 2018-03-08 03:00 -- Kevin Ebi

Louisville/Jefferson County

The consolidated government of Louisville/Jefferson County has long been at the forefront of civic technology and understands that smart cities require smart infrastructure. The Council will help it craft a collaborative approach to use smart technologies to address challenges in transportation, telecommunications and public safety.

Louisville/Jefferson County is deploying 115 miles of new fiber optic cables so it can roll out smart city projects at scale throughout the region. Digital inclusion is also a priority — ensuring that vulnerable populations get access to broadband, computers and smartphones.

“A world-class city has to be positioned to understand and adapt to the world around us, especially in the fast-moving realm of technology,” said Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer. “That’s why our city’s Office for Civic Innovation has worked so diligently on projects like attracting Google Fiber and working with the app IFTTT to sync city data with smartphone apps, and smart devices, like internet-enabled light bulbs. It’s also why they’re focused on ensuring Louisville’s bright digital future is inclusive of all citizens, no matter the neighborhood they call home. This partnership with the Smart Cities Council will help us take even more big leaps into the future.”