Market Insights: What Cities Were Buying and Planning in October 2019

This information provided by Smart Cities Council Global.
Wed, 2019-10-23 11:10 -- Jesse Berst

by Nick Schiffler

At the Smart Cities Council, we work to keep our cities and our industry partners ahead of the game. As part of that effort, we’ve partnered with GovWin, a marketing intelligence solution that covers the federal, state and local government markets. Each month, they tap into their database of projects and plans to highlight 10 items of interest.

This month, you’ll notice that several current and future projects are devoted to building out a robust communications infrastructure. It’s a good reminder that you can’t have a smart city until you have a smart, shared digital infrastructure. At the Council, we define that as 1) robust citywide telecommunications, 2) an enterprise-class IT system, and 3) a modern data-sharing architecture.

With that, here are 10 smart city projects from the past month that were awarded to a vendor, recently put out to bid, or included in an agency’s future spending plan. – Jason Nelson, Executive Director, Partner Engagement, Smart Cities Council

Recent Contract Awards
GovWin IQ tracks government projects through their entire lifecycle, including contract award announcements. Here are three examples of the kinds of “smart” projects that have recently been awarded to vendors by cities across the U.S.

Body-Worn and In-Car Cameras – City of Nashville, TN
Nashville has awarded Watch Guard Inc. a contract worth a total of $19M to fulfill the city’s police department’s requirement for new body-worn and in-car camera systems.

Water Meters – City of Seattle, WA
Seattle has given out a contract valued at $900K to Interwest Construction, Inc. to install updated water meters to residential and commercial buildings, plus restoration of paving and lawns.

Traffic Signal Project – City of Fontana, CA
Fontana has distributed a contract worth an estimated $368K to Dynalectric, who will install new traffic signals and lighting, including fiber optic interconnections and emergency vehicle detectors.

Currently Open Bids and RFPs
Bids and RFPs are the bread and butter of government contracting. These smart city projects are a few examples of the kinds of contracts agencies have recently put out to bid.

Wireless and Fiber Optics – City of Cupertino, CA
Cupertino is looking for proposals to develop a wireless and fiber optics master plan to guide the design, construction, maintenance and funding of its fiber and wireless assets and technologies.

Water Meter Zone Installation – City of Buffalo Grove, IL
Buffalo Grove has put out a solicitation for a smart water meter project, consisting of the installation of new vaults, saddles, and taps in and over the existing water main.

Fiber Optic Internet Services – City of Fairhope, AL
Fairhope requires a provider of fiber optic internet services to partner with the city. The provider must retain the current internet IP scope and guarantee on-site response and equipment replacement.

Solar Power Radar Feedback – City of Fremont, CA
Fremont seeks to purchase a large number of solar-powered radar feedback signs for installation on city streets, including an integrated cloud package to allow for remote access.

Future Leads in Budgets and Spending Plans
Companies interested in selling smart products or services can get a jump on the competition by finding potential projects within budgets and capital spending plans. These projects, found in GovWin IQ, provide vendors with forward visibility to make more strategic decisions. For cities and states, that same information offers a look into what other jurisdictions are planning next.

Communication Systems – City of New York, NY
New York has included $5.7M in its most recent capital budget – with more than $5M of that coming in 2020 – for work on the city-wide development of communication systems.

Wrong-Way Driving Countermeasures – City of Orlando, FL
Orlando is preparing to spend $3.8M between 2020 and 2023 on technology measures that will alert drivers and other motorists when a vehicle is driving the wrong way on the highway.

Police Technology Equipment – City of Madison, WI
Madison will put an estimated $1.7M from 2020 until 2025 towards funding technology, safety, and other operational equipment used by the city’s police department.

Nick Schiffler is a business-to-government (B2G) market analyst and content marketer for GovWin from Deltek. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date with the latest government market insights.