Birmingham Readiness Workshop Day 2 Public Safety Agenda

Thu, 2018-08-23 12:05 -- SCC Staff

August 28, 2018




7:30 am

Registration and Refreshments


8:00 am

Introduction and Recap of Day 1


8:30 am

Public Safety Goals and Background


8:40 am

The Public Safety System from a Citizen Perspective


9:00 am

Youth Public Safety Data

What types of data do we have that we use right now? What types of data do we need? Where might there be opportunities to share?



10:00 am

Lightning Talks: Integrating Data to Improve Public Safety

Experiences, Best Practices and Lessons Learned



11:30 am



12 noon

Individual Sprint Sessions 

Break up into groups; Run a sprint with a series of problem identification and solution definition questions. Each group will design a prototype solution.



1:30 pm

Reassemble into Larger Group



1:45 pm

Prototype Presentations


2:15 pm

Closing Remarks



2:30 pm

Workshop Concludes