Birmingham Readiness Workshop Agenda

Thu, 2018-08-23 12:08 -- SCC Staff

August 27, 2018
CrossPlex Birmingham




8:15 am

Registration and Refreshments



All – In Lobby

8:45 am

Workshop Introduction


Jennifer James, Smart Cities Council


8:50 am

Welcoming Remarks


Mayor Randall Woodfin, City of Birmingham

Jonathan Porter, Alabama Power Company

Dr. Ray Watts, University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)





9:05 am

Smart Birmingham Collaboration – Panel Discussion

Moderated by Jennifer James

Josh Carpenter, PhD, City of Birmingham

John Smola, Alabama Power Company

Anthony Hood, PhD, UAB


9:50 am


Smart Cities Overview and Best Practices


Jennifer James, Smart Cities Council


10:20 am

Keynote: Smart, Data Driven City Lessons from New York City


Amen Ra Mashariki, PhD

10:50 am



11:05 am

City Challenge Area Overview:

Economic Empowerment (Business Licensing)


Josh Carpenter, City of Birmingham

11:15 am

Economic Empowerment Solutions

Solution Landscape

Case Study 1

Case Study 2



Matthew Newman, Oracle

Shannon Redd, Cisco

Dmitry Kagansky, AWS


11:35 am

City Challenge Area Overview: Community Health (Blight, Healthcare Access)

Anthony Hood, PhD and Shauntice Allen, PhD, UAB


11:55 am

Community Health Solutions

Solution Landscape

Case Study 1



Case Study 2



Dmitry Kagansky, AWS

Dr. Fouaud Fouaud UAB Sustainable Smart Cities Research Center

Matt Allison, Pack Health



12:15 pm



1:15 PM

LUNCH with Mixtroz








1:25 pm

City Challenge Area Overview: Transportation  

(Mobility Innovations, Transportation Safety)

James Fowler, City of Birmingham, and Councilor Darrell O’Quinn

1:45 pm

Transportation Solutions

Solution Landscape

Case Study 1

Case Study 2



David Baraniak, Continental

Crystal Chubec, Verizon

Jack Hanley, Telensa


2:05 pm

Working Group Logistics Overview

Jennifer James, Smart Cities Council


Split into Working Groups

Jennifer James


Economic Empowerment Working Groups


Topic: How might the City re-imagine the business licensing process and its data infrastructure to better serve small business owners and entrepreneurs and inform decision-making across City departments?


Jennifer James


City Subject Matter Expert:
Josh Carpenter




Transportation Working Groups


Topic 1: What public, shared and/or active transportation options could the City adopt in the near term (6-12 months) to start to reduce the City’s dependency on single-occupancy vehicles (SOVs) and associated negative side effects?


Topic 2: Birmingham seeks to reduce traffic accidents and associated injuries and fatalities. How can Birmingham better collect, manage and share data to 1. identify the biggest safety/accident hotspots 2. identify the most relevant solutions 3. design appropriate policy interventions?



Erin King


City Subject Matter Experts:
Councilor Darrell O’Quinn and James Fowler, City of Birmingham




Community Health Working Groups


Topic 1: How can increased standardization and openness of data (and associated technologies) support efforts (particularly those that are citizen-led) to minimize and eradicate blight? 



Topic 2: In what ways can increasing access to preventive and specialty care via tele-health and telemedicine 1) lower costs and 2) reduce health disparities, particularly among the city's underserved and vulnerable populations? 



Kevin Ebi


City Subject Matter Experts:
Anthony Hood, PHD (Blight)

Shauntice Allen, PHD (Healthcare Access)



2:20 pm

Working Group Activity 1: Solution Ideation


3:00 pm

Working Group Activity 2: Action Planning



3:40 pm

Working Group Synthesis:

Prepare for Report Out




4:00 pm

BREAK – Merge Back into Full Group



4:20 pm

Working Group Report Out and Discussion

City Subject Matter Experts


5:10 pm

Key Takeaways and Next Steps

Josh Carpenter, PHD, Jennifer James

5:20 pm

Closing Remarks

Ed Fields, City of Birmingham

5:30 pm

Workshop Concludes



5:30 pm



Happy Hour in CrossPlex Lobby