Bethany Siegrist, Operations Manager

Sun, 2016-09-25 17:53 -- SCC Staff
Bethany Siegrist is SCC's Operations Manger. Bethany spent 14 years as an administrative assistant for a world-wide financial planning company, working in Connecticut, Georgia, and Northern Virginia.  During those years, she volunteered to provide financial assistance counseling to families and individuals seeking debt consolidation and relief.  She also co-founded a Georgia-based chapter of a national spouses-mentoring-spouses organization for Navy wives. Her initial venture into renewable resources was as Administrative Assistant to the President of a U.S.-based end-to-end sustainable aquafarming company implementing a sophisticated and environmentally responsible aquafarm system offering a solution to dwindling world fish stocks in the face of rising demand.  Moving to Smart Cities Council, she supports the Smart Cities staff.