3 Things for Cities Helping Cities

Wed, 2020-04-15 10:45 -- Connie Heath

The Smart Cities Council acknowledges the challenges currently being faced by cities to a level never seen before. We are here now, and will be during the rebuild. Please review the most recent editions of 3 Things for Cities Helping Cities. 

March 26  - World Health Organization's training Modules on COVID - 19 and Smart Cities Council COVID - 19 Mitigation Roadmap in Activator. - Read More

April 1 - See what Seoul did to reduce its infection rate. From our partner, WeGO and how NYC is crowd-sourcing information on COVID-19 infection. - Read More

April 15 - See how Facebook is helping main street retailers engage with their customers and how TicTok is teaching teens good habits. - Read More

April 16 - Learn how SCC partner, Johnson Controls is committed to helping cities with their urgent care needs and Oracle's mobile app is aimed at getting communities healthy again. Read More