Business Opportunities Within Smart Cities - Meet the Council in Northern Virginia

Meet Philip Bane - CEO of Smart Cities Council and other Smart City experts at the Northern Virginia Tech Council lunch seminar on Business Opportunities in Smart Cities
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Smart Cities Week Silicon Valley

Building on the success of the Smart Cities Council’s annual conference held each fall in Washington, D.C., Smart Cities Week® Silicon Valley honors the region’s focus on innovation – with an interactive and intimate program tailored to meet the needs of cities in Western North America and the companies helping them prepare for what’s coming next.
Focused on the next generation of smart cities, this conference will bring together city leaders and technology innovators to envision the city of tomorrow.

Join us for a unique chance to discuss how cities are leading the way in next-generation transportation, artificial intelligence and analytics, digital payments and citizen services, compassionate cities and other topics.

See how India’s smartest conclave in Telangana is shaping up at Smart Urbanation


With all the glitter and shine, India’s newly found tech hub, Telangana, is all set to host the country’s smartest conclave ever—SMART URBANATION—from March 22 to 23, 2018 in Hyderabad. What’s more! The conclave is backed by India’s original tech-giant State, Karnataka and organized by the Smart Cities Council India (SCC).

Water and Wastewater

Few people need to be reminded of water’s importance. Along with energy, it is essential for everyday life. Water provides sustenance, supports industry and irrigates fields. But city administrations are struggling to meet rising demand from growing populations while contending with issues such as water quality, flooding, drought and aging infrastructure.


Electric companies and cities: working together for smart energy

Smart cities want smart energy solutions to ensure a sustainable energy future. But how do they do it? Now they have an opportunity to collaborate with the most knowledgeable partner they could possibly have: their electric company. The conversation kicked off during the first Electric Companies Advancing Cities Summit at Smart Cities Week Silicon Valley.

SCC Partner Spotlight

Hitachi smart city solutions provide the urban intelligence that cities need to become safer and achieve operational excellence, so they can thrive.

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"The Compassionate Cities campaign is about applying existing smart technologies – from data analytics to social media – to improve living standards for all citizens."
 -- Philip Bane, SCC Managing Director