Financing and procurement tools

Muni bond market: No, the sky is NOT falling (but there are alternatives)


One expert characterizes today's municipal bond market as both secure and robust. But that doesn't mean there aren't attractive alternative financing tools available to help cities build smart infrastructure. Learn which ones experts consider the most promising.

White House announces $160 million smart cities initiative


Kicking off the Council’s Smart Cities Week in Washington, D.C., the White House on Monday announced a sweeping smart cities initiative that will invest more than $160 million in research and technology collaborations to help communities across the country tackle key challenges – from fighting crime to fostering economic growth.

New platform could unlock billions for development in emerging nations


Funding has always been a problem for emerging countries. A new financing platform called Convergence, which is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, MasterCard, The Rockefeller Foundation among others, promises to not only make it easier for developing areas to get help, but also for those with money to provide it.

Want to be a procurement superstar? 3 things you must do


For investments in smart technologies and expertise to be successful, it’s not just what cities buy, it's how they buy it. Click for procurement best practices cities can borrow from private industry -- plus examples of how public agencies are using innovative procurement strategies to lower costs.

Smart financing: How National Grid encourages energy efficiency upgrades


When cities and/or utilities encourage residents to adopt new technologies – say energy efficiency upgrades – there may be resistance for any number of reasons. In this excerpt from the Smart Cities Financing Guide, read how National Grid uses on-bill financing to get the job done.