Built environment

The Built Environment – which includes all of a city's buildings, parks and public spaces -- is critically important. Though most of the Built Environment is not city-owned, a city government still has enormous influence over what is inside its city limits.

One-Stop Solution for the Makkah Clock Tower


Owners of the luxury apartments at Makkah Clock Towers wanted to bill their 5,000 tenants individually for their utility usage which meant finding a vendor that could provide meters that could measure water usage along with cooling and electricity usage. Read in this case study about the solution Spire Metering Technologies provided.

Making Urban Data Usable Via Cloud Technology


The Urban Software Institute, [ui!] has developed a cloud-based application that processes traffic-relevant data. The solution analyses the sensor data transmitted by traffic guidance systems at intersecting roads and makes them available in almost real time. Read this case study on results experienced in Darmstadt, Germany.