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Below is a list of upcoming events. To submit a calendar item, send conference details and a link to


  • May 8 2017 to May 10 2017
     —  Santa Clara, CA – USA

    Smart Cities Week Silicon Valley is built on the success of the organization’s annual conference which takes places each
    fall in Washington, D.C. Over 500 (inter)national, state and local government officials, utilities, policymakers, financiers, technologists, non-profit and
    trade groups, business leaders, academics, researchers and citizen organizations will attend to discuss key concepts and explore best practices.

  • Oct 3 2017 to Oct 5 2017
     —  Washington, D.C. – USA

    Smart Cities Week is North America’s must-attend smart city conference. You will meet the international experts that are leading the charge.
    You will mingle with hundreds of mayors, CIOs and other city decision makers. You will see the latest technology up close and personal.

  • Mar 27 2017 to Mar 29 2017
     —  Detroit, MI

    Providing insight and focused discussions into key auto cyber challenges faced by industry. Securing connectivity between automobile systems, data centers and infrastructure. Subjects to be discussed in depth: A. In-Vehicular Cyber Security, B. Connecting to External Data Centers, C. Consumer Privacy, and D Manufacturer Security.

  • Mar 29 2017 to Mar 30 2017
     —  Chicago, IL

    Connected Cities USA will cover strategies and technologies leveraging the IoT. The IoT allows cities to employ smart technologies to modernize infrastructure projects quickly and efficiently. This event will feature technical sessions, exhibit hall, and networking opportunities to learn, collaborate and educate connected cities in the US.

  • Apr 22 2017 to Apr 24 2017
     —  Porto, Portugal

    SmartGreens 2017. The 6th International Conference on Smart Cities and Green ICT Systems. Bringing together Researchers, Designers, Developers and Engineers who are interested in advances and applications in the field of Smart Cities, Green ICT Technologies, Sustainability, Energy Aware Systems and Technologies.

  • May 16 2017 to May 18 2017
     —  Santa Clara, California

    IoT World, will focus on monetizing the IoT. Bringing together a variety of IoT products and solutions. Browse Ecosystem Center Stage, IoT Developer Stage, Startup City. A unique opportunity to promote a IoT message.

  • May 16 2017 to May 18 2017
     —  London, UK

    Focusing on practical scalable application of smart city initiative to improve infrastructure & quality of life. Key issues funding, security, scalability and citizen engagement via case studies, discussions and interactive panels.

  • May 17 2017 to May 20 2017
     —  Suzhou City, Jinangsu Province, China

    Mayors around the world will discuss urban challenges and sharing best practices. Four discussion sessions will be: 1. Advancements and Challenges of Cities planning and governance, 2. Curating the City: Heritage and Culture, 3. Tenacity of a City: Resilient and Sustainable Environment, 4. Engines of Growth: Balancing Livability with Growth.

  • May 24 2017  —  Johannesburg, South Africa

    Understand opportunities to transform Africa’s infrastructure and create value through smarter planning, design and delivery. Provide a forum for technology manufacturers to showcase solutions to decision-makers from public and private sectors.

  • Jun 26 2017 to Jun 28 2017
     —  Austin, TX

    Smart Cities Connect brings together City Leaders from all over the world to work towards innovative solutions for progressive city needs. Solution providers, delivering state of the art solutions into global city practices.