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Smart street lighting: Where do we go from here?


City street lights aren't just a light on a post anymore. They're getting smarter all the time and hosting a variety of applications that benefit citizens by helping cities run more smoothly and cost-effectively. But what's next? Read our story to learn about trends and developments that may help answer that question.

An app store for... smart grid? (It's important for smart cities too.)


It's a challenge for both utilities and cities to provide the best services they can while managing complex technologies and keeping costs down. Wouldn't it be great if there was an easier way to access and deliver apps to meters, sensors and other devices to boost their functionality – and value? Now there is. Think of it as an "app store."

Driverless shuttles: another step toward smarter urban mobility?


While driverless vehicles are in various stages of development and testing, it's becoming abundantly clear that they will be part of the urban landscape in the future. Read our story to learn about a driverless passenger shuttle bus making the rounds in several U.S. cities