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The secret to smart cities success: start with a roadmap


Isolated smart infrastructure projects that aren't connected and don't work together are not going to create a smart city. Without a clear plan for how they're all going to fit and work together, those projects will be nothing more than isolated smart parts of an otherwise still dumb city, according to author Tristan Wilkinson.

Density done right: Former B.C. planning chief explains how to do it


Vancouver, B.C. is considered a prime example of successful smart cities planning and development, but can other cities adopt and adapt the steps it took to get there? Vancouver's former city planning director recently told a Seattle audience that it could and should.

The Capacity Project targets sustainable economic growth


Livermore, California became the inaugural community in The Capacity Project, a new initiative from Chevron and WattzOn to help provide sustainable local economic growth, help residents save money on power bills and help the local workforce gain skills for careers in cleantech industries.