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How Brooklyn is on the cusp of getting a community-owned microgrid


For resilience and other reasons, microgrids are worth considering, but the journey to build one can be quite bumpy. There are already 800 people on the waiting list for one that’s about to come online in Brooklyn. Here’s what it took — and where else the concept could work.

What cities can do with social safety nets (and data) to reduce opioid addiction and deaths


Opioids (both prescribed and illegal) cause more than 33,000 accidental deaths annually in the U.S. While city medical and social service agencies have committed to finding new ways to treat addiction, it's an extremely difficult task for several reasons. Read on to learn about new approaches, the challenges to implementing them and why data is essential.

Why partnerships and engagement are key strategies for building smart transportation networks


Columbus, Ohio was awarded $50 million in the U.S. DOT's Smart City Challenge last year for its proposal to build a smarter, safer transportation network. Smart Cities Week attendees received a progress report on what the city and its partners have been doing since then — and why.

Yes, we DO need to provide mobility for everyone


When we say inclusive mobility, it sounds fairly straightforward: access to affordable transportation for everyone. Providing equitable mobility for everyone might not be easy, but it's essential if we're all to have the opportunities to improve our quality of life. Read our story from Smart Cities Week to learn more.

Driverless cars: They're about a whole lot more than roads and traffic signals


Driverless vehicles are expected to have a major impact on cities within the next few years, and that impact will reach far beyond roads and streets, according to a panel of experts speaking at Smart Cities Week 2017. Read on to learn why they say city planners probably have a much bigger job ahead of them than they expect.